Husband, and dad of 2

Heavenly Father, I thank for your your mercies and how you equip and fill in the gaps of our inequities. I also thank you for the biblical foundations America was founded on. It is a reminder of Your power and goodness, as well as encouragement to stand up against injustice, hate, and Liberty. ┬áLord I pray for a revival to sweep across this land, across the world for that matter. I pray for followers of Christ to honor everyone and recognize Satan is real but through Christ is defeated. I pray for men and fathers to act with integrity and help raise a generation of future leaders that have a passion for Your word, and for modeling and honoring Christ Jesus . Lord equip us to lead and to love, have mercy on us now and with the future generations. Forgive us for turning away from You, and all the good You created. For those who don’t know you help us reflect your love so they can see You.