Grandmother of three young boys

My Father, who art in heaven.  Please forgive my sin so that I can come before you with my prayers.  Thank you for saving my soul.  I look forward to being in your presence for eternity.   I have many prayers that I bring before you every day.  But tonight, I come asking you to turn your face and your mercy and grace towards the country that I love, America.  We have turned our backs to you – some in shame, some in fear, and some in rebellion.  Help us to feel your forgiveness as we humbly ask You to forgive us.   I pray that we will lift our faces to you and that you will guide us in your ways. I pray that you will heal our land so that it will be commonplace to see families living in the light of your love and we will know that you are blessing us with your presence, your peace and contentment.   I pray especially for my grandsons and for all the children in our land.  Please bring about the renewal that is so badly needed so that they will honor you and your word forever and be happy, healthy and prosperous and will reap all the benefits of living in a Christian nation.   Thank you for hearing my prayer and I ask this in the name of Jesus, the Savior of the World.  May His name be praised!  Amen.