Friend and Sister to All Mankind

Dear Father in heaven! Thank you for granting us the opportunity to unite in prayer across the country! I pray that you will break down systems of oppression, and raise up leaders who will create a fair and just society. I pray that we will remember the foreigners, for we were once foreign to this land. Help us to lead with compassion and be guided by love. Teach us how to love as You love, and bear the infirmities of the weak. Move upon our hearts to act with kindness, acceptance, and grace as You have shown the same towards us. Under the prompting of Your Spirit, may people come to know You as their God because of our witness and love for one another. Grant us peace in times of chaos. Give us joy where there is sorrow, and where there is hatred, let Your love overflow, outshine, outlast, and be the dominant force that will bridge us together in unity and love! In the name of Jesus I pray, amen!