Did I Miss It?

With Easter now passed and all the talk of resurrection stilled, with Holy Week over and the dawn of “regular” time now upon us, I have to wonder—did I miss it?

Did I miss remembering that I am made of dust?

Or walk with Him on the road of sacrifice?

Did I take time to praise Him as King?

Or even once wave a holy hand in worship?

Did I shout Hosanna!?

Or even think to whisper it?

Did I break bread with Him?

Drink wine with Him at the Table?

Did I pray through the sleepy hours?

Grapple with the cross?

Did I mourn His death?

Anticipate His Resurrection?

Celebrate His empty tomb?

Did I?

For unless I allowed Easter to resurrect something in me…

Awe at His goodness!

Wonder at His grace!—

I missed it.

Did you?

If so, celebrate Easter again this week, and the next, and even the next after that—as long as it takes until you grasp the enormity of The Resurrection that, if properly understood, will surely resurrect something in you.