Christmas in America

Did you know there are ten annual U.S. federal holidays on the calendar designated by the United States Congress and that one of them is Christmas Day? Consider the enormity of that for a moment. We live in a land that sets apart a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

“But not for long!” You might warn. “Our liberties are dissipating year after year.” And it’s true. I recently learned that in my hometown, public school children are no longer even allowed to sing Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer! But because some opportunities to celebrate Christ have ended, does that mean we should throw up our hands and give in to the pressure to keep Christ out of Christmas? Or should we press on and make good use of the freedoms that still remain?

Unlike Christians in many countries around the globe, we are still free to celebrate Christmas openly in many ways. We can place manger scenes on our lawns, play Christmas carols in our shops, and invite neighbors to our churches for candlelit services. We can leave cross shaped goodies for the lawn guy and booklets about Heaven taped to the door for the delivery gal. We can make homeless packages with Bibles inside and take candy canes wrapped in scripture to nursing homes.

We can pay for the car behind us at the drive through, buy gifts for kids in foster homes and send cards to inmates in prisons — all in the name of Jesus!

But do we?

We can.

We have the freedom to…

So what do you say fellow Americans? Let’s make use of the freedoms that still remain and celebrate Christ openly this Christmas. Proudly. Boldly. Beautifully. And most importantly, by showing Love.

Now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I Corinthians 13:13