The concept for One Million Prayers began as a challenge from a friend to pray on my knees every day for 40 days, specifically for our country. She knew I had become discouraged by watching our nation’s integrity slowly crumble and weary of hearing human promises that couldn’t be kept. I accepted the challenge, but to be honest, I was disillusioned every time I knelt to pray. My prayer seemed so small and insignificant when compared to the enormous needs facing our country. Besides, I wasn’t even good at prayer. My mind would often drift and I struggled to find the right words…  Going at it alone proved too heavy a burden for me to carry and I stumbled under the weight.

But then, late, in the middle of a sleepless night, an idea came. What if I was praying alongside other Christians who were also burdened for our great land? What if I could see their prayers and know what God had placed on their hearts? Could I start to pray a little braver, maybe even a little bolder? If my prayer became only a portion of our greater prayer, could I start to believe it could make a difference?

I knew I could. And the dream for this web site was born.

Others, with whom I shared the idea, were interested. They seemed excited to have something tangible they could do for our nation. Many Christians (including myself) seemed to have forgotten that we are intrinsically part of something bigger than ourselves; but, as we began to remember, a fresh boldness took root. No more would we sit idly by and do nothing. We would take to heart the words of Nehemiah, “Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives [and husbands] and your homes.” And we would fight with the powerful and effective weapon of prayer and ask others to pray with us.

Others like you.

No, we likely don’t all agree on everything.  And surely our politics aren’t all the same.  But can we, for a moment, set aside our differences and stand together in prayer for the future of our nation? I believe we can.  Do you?


For more information about the One Million Prayers project please contact info@onemillionprayers.org.